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The Real Deal. It’s Not “Photo-shopped”!

The real deal. It’s no trickery I tell you. I look at these images and they take my breath away. I can understand why we have had people approach us and say “Is that photo-shopped?”, “Do you have a backdrop?”…. When I see how incredible images like this come out, I too am blown away and in disbelief. But I remember that I was there with snow pants, Colombia jacket, gloves and all, waiting in the beautiful Alaskan darkness for beauty to show.

This portrait is of a sweet Eielson Air Force family who had seen their neighbors beautiful portraits that we had commissioned a year earlier and they wanted one for themselves too.

It was a full moon on a cold February night. The conditions were just right. As I watched the Aurora forecasts, so generously provided by Solar Ham, I knew it was going to be a good one….a GREAT one. The real deal!  And then it didn’t show! Bummer. What happened? The BZ went south, meaning the Aurora wasn’t going to be visible.

This can be challenging for our clients, especially when there are little kids involved. So after about 2 am with very tired little ones we decided to call it a night. We rescheduled to try again. This time hitting the jackpot. As you can see below what we captured is just breathtaking. This family now has a 20 x 30 metal portrait hanging on their wall, complementing 11 x 14 prints, numerous prints to hand out to family and so much more. This is just one of the great things about our services, we take care of all of the printing so you don’t have to. We ensure that the printing quality is to the highest standard and guarantee our products.

Real Deal Family under the Northern Lights Portraits Fairbanks Alaska

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