Northern Lights Photography | Fairbanks | Byrem Family

Northern Lights Photography | Fairbanks | Byrem Family

Meghan is a good friend of mine (Amanda). She is an incredibly kind and loving woman. I absolutely look up to her so when she said she wanted to capture our experience for her family under the northern lights, I jumped for joy! I was so excited for her and her boys! Blair is a very busy man who loves the outdoors and I know he was just as excited as Meghan was.

Here’s what Meghan had to say after her experience with us at Sean Kurdziolek Photography:

I wouldn’t say Fairbanks was on my bucket list of places to visit…

     but military life has a way of taking you to places you never expected to go.  We have really enjoyed the area and the opportunity to  explore the great frontier.  We always joke that Fairbanks has everything you need but nothing you want.  As we have settled into the area, we have found that our needs and wants are met abundantly.  We have a freezer full of meat and fish, we have been to the wild places, experienced -50 degree temps and monster snowflakes, the reason for blackout curtains, and so much more.
The aurora is one of the things that we have been fortunate enough to experience. She is never the same, always changing and beautiful.  She is nature’s light show and an incredible experience when she is out dancing in the heavens.  To have a family portrait under this natural phenomenon captures this time in our life and the beauty of the environment. We try to take family portraits every year.  I like to take pictures that capture the uniqueness of the places we live and the stage of life we are as a family, and our Aurora Portrait session did just that. 
Our first session unfortunately was not successful.  The Aurora was out on the way to the photo shoot, but didn’t show back up the rest of the night.  Which was disappointing, but what can one do?  Then it was cloudy for the next couple of weeks.  The day we captured our photos, the weather forecast was bleak and the aurora forecast was high.  We were not sure we would see her, but according to the weather forecast we had about a two hour window in which the clouds would break.  We talked with Sean and took a chance.  Sure enough the clouds started to dissipate.  In our earlier photos you can see some of the clouds.  Then before long they were gone and Lady Aurora gave us a beautiful show.  We were thrilled.   
 I would say the most stressful part was coordinating winter gear to ensure the children are warm and safe while out in the cold without clashing with one another.  The other part is scheduling a date and praying that the Aurora is out.  It’s brutal with a four year old and one year old sleeping in a vehicle.  We all understand the importance of schedules and sleep for everyone.  I knew that going into this session we would sacrifice quality sleep and be off-schedule for a few days.  Flexibility and a realistic mindset is a must to capture photos under the aurora.  It was well worth the sacrifice.  A few days recovery is minor in the scheme of things.  When I see our portraits in our home I am transported back to that night and the magic of the aurora.    
We enjoyed working with Sean and appreciate the knowledge he has accumulated over the years.  He knows his equipment and the environment.  He has spent the time and education it takes to be a subject expert.  He strives for excellence in his work and I value that as a client.  If you are looking for something unique and of high quality, then consider Sean.  Lots of people can take good snapshots, but Sean knows his equipment and can assess the environment to capture a beautiful photograph.  We are extremely pleased with our portraits.    


Northern Lights Photography Portraits

Byrem Family Aurora Photos

Northern Lights Photography Portraits

Byrem Family Portraits

Northern Lights Photography Portraits

Byrem Family Photos Under the Aurora

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