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Northern Lights Adventurers

Brian and Sandra are two of the most caring people we have ever met. And we should know, they watch our children every day. Our son and daughter adore them! So we were ecstatic that they wanted to have their own Northern Lights Adventurers Portrait created by us.

We invited them over for coffee and designed a special and unique portrait. We learned that they are not only caring people, they are also very adventurous. So needless to say we had a lot of fun creating this very unique experience.

It was September, the leaves we peaking and the nights were getting darker and colder. We were experiencing our first nights of the Northern Lights being visible. Combining our creative juices led us to a night on the lake under the Aurora.  Kayaking on a lake in the dark certainly had its challenges for Brian, Sandra and myself. Staying still was one of them. Navigating a lake on a dark moonless night was another. In fact, to date, it was one of my most challenging sessions. Waders were needed and a lot of patience and skill.

We asked Sandra about her experience. Here is what she had to say:

Being stationed in Alaska has provided us with so many once in a lifetime opportunities and we wanted to take advantage of the beauty this state has to offer! 

Kayaking when it is below freezing is pretty insane! However, this speaks to the adventurers we are. Brian and I like to try new things, push the envelope, and make memories! We appreciated Sean going along with what we wanted and making it so memorable! The Aurora is beautiful, unique, and breathtaking and now when we move we have something to always remind us of our time in Alaska.  We feel lucky to be able to experience the Northern Lights and we love sharing our experience with our friends and family!

We absolutely love our wall art! Every time I look at the portrait I smile! My mother in law and my grandfather both squealed when they got their copy for Christmas! They show everyone that comes over to visit. 

This experience has left me feeling very blessed. I was able to stop and take in the beauty. It reminded me of how lucky I am to live this life and how beautiful the world is! 

Sean is fun, easy, and professional! He worked really hard to capture these memories for us and we are very thankful.  If you want to have this for yourself I recommend you think outside of the box! Be bold and do something fun…Sean will make it work! 

Northern Lights Adventurers photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Aurora Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base Alaska

Aurora Portrait photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Northern Lights Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base Alaska

Aurora Portrait photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Northern Lights Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base Alaska


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