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God’s Greatness! 


Matt and Jessica came into our lives when Jessica started attending our bible study that we host. They marveled at the Aurora pictures on our walls and wanted this for themselves. We were ecstatic to be able to capture this amazing and wonderful event for them. We love seeing God’s greatness in the Aurora and are always blown away at how it moves and dances. Jessica and Matt feel the same way too. In fact a lot of people see God when they see the Aurora.

We took Matt, Jessica and their adorable Australian Shepherd, Millie down near Eielson Air Force Base, just a few miles south of North Pole, Alaska. There are some beautiful lakes down there that freeze during winter. The ice is so thick you can drive on it, and many people do.

Here is what Matt and Jessica had to say about their experience:

We live in North Pole, Alaska because of the Air Force. We were hesitant being so far away at first, but experiencing the nature here and especially the northern lights have made it a wonderful adventure.   Seeing and especially living in an area where the northern lights are a staple is something that most people only dream about and we wanted pictures to remember our time in Alaska and how special living here is.  Being able to watch the aurora dance above our heads while the portraits were being taken was amazing. The aurora leaves me mystified and in awe of God’s greatness!
We just love our wall art! It adds something really unique and special to our home. We were most excited about the metallic print because it makes the aurora look as vibrant and alive as it is in real life.

Matt and Jessica’s portraits were captured in early Fall before we got a lot of snow. I know for those who don’t live in the area are probably thinking “Wow, that’s a lot of snow I see in those portraits”, but that winter we ended up with 78.4 inches, an above average year. The snow is magnificent here. When the sun is out it shines and it looks as if there are diamonds everywhere.

Come and see for yourself.

God's Greatness Lee Portraits Sean Kurdziolek Photography Fairbanks Alaska

God's Greatness Lee Portraits Sean Kurdziolek Photography Fairbanks Alaska 1God's Greatness Lee Portraits Sean Kurdziolek Photography Fairbanks Alaska 5

God's Greatness Lee Portraits Sean Kurdziolek Photography Fairbanks Alaska 7

God's Greatness Northern Lights Portraits Sean Kurdziolek Photography Fairbanks Alaska

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