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Family Memories |The Madden Family | Sean Kurdziolek Photography

Family Memories. Priceless.

Creating memories is why we got into this business. We believe that capturing our moments in time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves and our children. Family memories such as star gazing under the Aurora is a beautiful way to remember our moments and our childhood. We had great pleasure in capturing this moment for this beautiful and kind family. The Madden family do so much for our community and we were very happy to help them capture this moment for them.

I recently read a blog somewhere about how important family photos are. A woman recently lost her home due to a fire. Before her house was engulfed she managed to retrieve some of her most prized possessions…her family photos. Family memories captured are treasures. They are worth more than gold, more than a Prada bag, more than the newest Mustang. Our cars will rust, our bags will go out of fashion, our iPhones will become outdated, but the images we capture of our loved ones will always be a treasure. This is why this sweet family came to us. This beautiful family wanted what we have…heirloom portraits on our walls. They didn’t want another disc to sit in their office draw, they didn’t want another USB that would become a useless piece of technology like the floppy discs of old. They wanted to see their children’s sweet faces every time they walked into their living room. And so this is where these portraits stand, in a living room surrounded by the people who cherish and adore them the most.

This is our job. This is our passion. We create portraits. Call us today to schedule your session, whether it be under the Aurora or on Alaska’s great landscape. 253-254-3271
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Enjoy the photographs!

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