Fairbanks Alaska | Family Winter Photography | The Stitt Family

Fairbanks Alaska | Family Winter Photography | The Stitt Family


Family winter photography has generally been unpopular, unless you live in the Alaskan Interior where winter resides for a large part of the year. Families brave the cold and the deep snow to capture their images. The Stitt family are headed to the lower 48 this summer and we were so fortunate to capture a family winter themed shoot for them.

Lucky it wasn’t too cold when we went out, only high 20’s. You’ll notice the lack of heavy winter gear here. The Stitt’s chose their wardrobe wisely using layers for warmth, cute matching colors in vests and scarves and a pea coat that provided a slim look while keeping Mom warm. This is a great example of capturing a family winter portrait at the end of winter, when the temperatures are a little more bearable, the snow still plentiful and the sunset at a reasonable hour. 

The beauty about this shoot was the time of day we shot it. It was the golden hour, right before sunset on Eielson Air Force Base.  At this time the colors in the sky are breathtaking and create beautiful family heirlooms. 

Sunset sessions are a huge part of what we love about living here. They capture the beauty of the Alaskan landscape while cherishing a family’s memory. We would love to combine this experience for you. If you are vacationing here, this is an even better opportunity for you to showcase to loved ones back home your adventures here in the Tundra. Check out here for more details on how to book your own family sunset session.

We will miss this little family and their fun loving, energetic nature as they head way down south for their next adventure!  Best wishes on your journey Stitts!

Stitt Family Sunset Session

Stitt Family Sunset Session Kurdziolek

Stitt Family Sunset Session with Sean Kurdziolek

Stitt Family Sunset Session with Daughter

Stitt Family Sunset Session Oldest daughter

Stitt Family Sunset Session  Girls

Family Winter Photography

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