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Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Experience

Why Witness the Aurora in Fairbanks, Alaska?Our Home Aurora PhotographyPINIMAGE

You’ll never see the same Aurora twice. Its uniqueness, its spontaneity and its sheer magnitude will have you spell bound. Fairbanks, Alaska and the surrounding area is one of the best places and most renowned for witnessing this magnificent beauty. Fairbanks has a magnetic latitude and is positioned as one of the earth’s most northern cities.

This unique geographical location allows Aurora seekers an amazing opportunity to view it from the comfort of some of the area’s most quintessential cabins and lodges. Fairbanks, America’s last frontier, has all that one needs to be comfortable while vacationing.

For more information about fairbanks events and activities, check out our Fairbanks Alaska Experience page



When to Book Your Aurora Portrait Session

Aurora Photo Session Sean Kurdziolek PhotographyPINIMAGEThe Aurora is always present, however, due to the earth’s axis during the summer months we don’t have dark nights. Our first glimpses of the Aurora are in the end of August and continue through to the beginning of April when Fairbanks nights are short again. Most clients choose to schedule their sessions between October and March.

If you would like to use your Aurora portraits for holiday cards or to purchase additional gifts for Christmas, it is recommended to book your session in October or November. This is especially ideal for locals due to the fact there are more clouds in the fall and it is easier to reschedule sessions early in the season.

If you are traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska to view the Aurora Borealis, Spring is the most popular time of year for tourists because you have a greater chance that it will be visible during your trip (since there is less in climate weather). Because of this, we highly recommend that you book your Aurora portrait session early to reserve your spot.

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, consider booking your session the weekend before or after a full moon. The phases of the moon greatly affects the Aurora’s visibility and the portrait process. A full moon can wash out weaker Auroras however, a strong storm won’t be affected by a full moon. On the other hand, a full moon can add some beautiful ambient light your portrait, illuminating the landscape around you. If you would like more information on when would be the best time to book your session, don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

The Aurora, like the weather, cannot be exactly predicted. Modern science, technology and the right education to read the data can give us a decent indication of the chances of seeing it. The exact time of the show, however, is always unknown. We cannot guarantee that the Aurora will show and the weather will produce clear skies. In cases that we are unable to capture the Aurora, we still offer some creative images using Alaska’s beautiful scenery so our clients never go home without timeless commissioned masterpieces for their wall.



Before Your Aurora Portrait Session

Things to do in fairbanks alaska - Sean Kurdziolek PhotographyPINIMAGEOnce you know you are ready to book your aurora experience or sunset portrait session, you will choose your package and fill out the booking form on our BOOK NOW page.  After we receive your request we will schedule a time to invite you to our home and discussing why you want us to commission your portraits. This is a great opportunity to ask all the questions both sides have. During this consultation session we confirm who is going to be in the portraits, we decide on locations, clothing choices, and what unique aspects you are looking to bring to the shoot. We are different to other photographers because we aim to serve our clients by understanding their wants and needs, we do this during this one-on-one consultations. This is also a great opportunity to touch and feel the products we offer so you know exactly what you want for your own walls.

If you are unable to meet in person prior to your session, we can schedule a Skype call or phone call during our regular office hours.


During Your SessionFairbanks Alaska ActivitiesPINIMAGE

On the night of your session we will invite you to our home once again to review any last minute questions you might have. Some clients choose to come just before sunset to get some great family shots with that sunset glow. If you would like to set aside some time for this, please let us know beforehand. We also have a fun goodie bag just for you to help while you wait for the Aurora to show.

If you choose to not do sunset photos, we will head out about 9:30pm to your chosen location, set up, and wait for the Aurora to show from the comfort and warmth of our own cars. The goodie bags and any entertainment that you bring along with you will help pass the time. We never know the exact time the Aurora is going to show and that’s why we head out early and wait. In the end, we hope to get you at least 5 shots of your family under the Aurora and around 20-25 if you choose to add the earlier sunset session.

We are always looking for ways to add creativity and personality to our shots. If you would like to incorporate some of your favorite things (ATV, Sports car, musical instrument, snowboard…), please let us know beforehand.



After Your Session

Sean Kurdziolek Photo Deliver Wall ArtPINIMAGEOne week after your session you will come back to our home studio for a viewing and ordering appointment. During this appointment we will help you to choose the best products and images to display in your home. Since you will be placing all orders at this time, it is important that all decision makers be present, that you have measured the walls in your home and collected all print requests from grandparents and relatives.

If you are not local, we will make arrangements to do your ordering session via Skype.

Your finished products will be ready for pickup 3-4 weeks after your ordering appointment. If you are local, we offer complimentary hanging services at no charge to you. If you are traveling from a different country, shipping fees and times may vary.

Please note that with the exception of newborns, children are not permitted at the viewing and order appointments. We find the appointments go much smoother if you are able to focus all our attention on selecting your images. 






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