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Sean Kurdziolek Aurora Portrait Photographer

Meet Sean

My love of capturing a moment in time started when my wife and I first moved to Italy. We lived in the North East region of Italy for four years and had many opportunity to explore Europe. I am so glad that we took advantage of the opportunities when they presented themselves and documented our memories through the lens of my camera. Amanda and I have been blessed with three beautiful and vivacious children who certainly keep us on our toes. Capturing our family’s adventures and travels has allowed us to take a part of each city with us, regardless of where we have moved.
Overtime my passion for photography and capturing landscapes in a far off land grew as did my skills as a photographer. When we moved to North Pole, Alaska, I dedicated my time to mastering the skills needed to become a Northern Lights photographer. Preserving the Aurora Borealis through my lens gives me the opportunity to be out in nature and witnessing all its beauty.
As your custom portrait photographer, I believe in offering you priceless pieces of personal art that can be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Full service photography is about more than providing you with archival quality artwork, it’s about ensuring that I am there to walk you through every step of the process.
Cheers, Sean