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  • Sean and Amanda were an amazing couple to work with! Our vision kept changing due to weather and other hang ups, however they remained flexible up to the time of our shoot. The wealth of knowledge coupled with the years of photography experience made it worth while to attend the
    Aurora photography class and have our pregnancy announcement captured. - A. Nisbett, Eielson AFB, Alaska

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Fairbanks Family Photographer |Alaska | The VonSchimpf Family

The VonSchimpf family have been friends of ours since we were stationed in Italy together seven years ago. We are now blessed to be able to have them close by again. Dan and Ashley have FOUR vivacious boys who are full of life! Ashley is a stay at home mom who works her tail off creating a loving home environment for all the men in her life…and she does it with a smile.  Dan is a dental assistant who is stickler for all things teeth…rightly so. The boys are good friends of our own children and have spent many days playing till their hearts content. It’s always a battle at the end of a play date to separate them all, but this is a good thing.

When they asked us to capture their family images for them we were thrilled. Dan had a very specific look in mind. He wanted fall leaves and the ambiance of the soft autumn glow. Fall in the interior of Alaska is very short. We’re talking two weeks short. Timing of our photography sessions is crucial and the VonSchimpfs were very patient and flexible. The result was a beautiful sunset shoot under an Alaskan birch forest.

Posing four boys is never easy. Asking boys to sit still is never easy and for this shoot we embraced that. Together we decided to capture the boys as they are: vivacious, energetic and full of laughter. Baby Luke was the easiest to pose and the happiest. Sean and I look back at this shoot and remember how much fun it was. It wasn’t about getting the perfect posed shot, it was simply about capturing a family as they are…full of life and laughter. These are the images that will always bring back a heart felt emotion and the remembrance of how they once were.
Von Schimpf-21PINIMAGE

Von Schimpf-18PINIMAGEVon Schimpf-8PINIMAGE Fairbanks Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

Von Schimpf-4PINIMAGE


Fairbanks Family Photographer Sean KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Sean Kurdziolek is a one of a kind photographer. He is creative, talented, and professional. Sean did a newborn and family shoot for us. These pictures are absolutely stunning. They truly capture the beauty and personality of our family. His Aurora shoots speak for themselves. Being able to capture those amazing shots is not an easy task but his photos make it look effortless. His wonderful wife Amanda makes the entire process run smoothly from beginning to end. I highly recommend hiring this awesome team and can guarantee you will be impressed. - Ashley V. North Pole, Alaska

Family sessions in the fall are limited. To schedule your session now follow the link: Contact

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Fairbanks Alaska | Family Winter Photography | The Stitt Family


Family winter photography has generally been unpopular, unless you live in the Alaskan Interior where winter resides for a large part of the year. Families brave the cold and the deep snow to capture their images. The Stitt family are headed to the lower 48 this summer and we were so fortunate to capture a family winter themed shoot for them.

Lucky it wasn’t too cold when we went out, only high 20’s. You’ll notice the lack of heavy winter gear here. The Stitt’s chose their wardrobe wisely using layers for warmth, cute matching colors in vests and scarves and a pea coat that provided a slim look while keeping Mom warm. This is a great example of capturing a family winter portrait at the end of winter, when the temperatures are a little more bearable, the snow still plentiful and the sunset at a reasonable hour. 

The beauty about this shoot was the time of day we shot it. It was the golden hour, right before sunset on Eielson Air Force Base.  At this time the colors in the sky are breathtaking and create beautiful family heirlooms. 

Sunset sessions are a huge part of what we love about living here. They capture the beauty of the Alaskan landscape while cherishing a family’s memory. We would love to combine this experience for you. If you are vacationing here, this is an even better opportunity for you to showcase to loved ones back home your adventures here in the Tundra. Check out here for more details on how to book your own family sunset session.

We will miss this little family and their fun loving, energetic nature as they head way down south for their next adventure!  Best wishes on your journey Stitts!

Stitt Family Sunset Session PINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session with Sean KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session with DaughterPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session Oldest daughter PINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session  GirlsPINIMAGE

Family Winter PhotographyPINIMAGE

Book your own Sunset Shoot by calling 253-254-3271 or following this link: Contact

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North Pole Alaska |Sean Kurdziolek Photography|A Winter Engagement

A very cold morning for love….and photography!

But its a lot warmer when your snuggled with the one you love. Amanda and I captured these engagement images at the beginning of winter and we just have to share. We shot these at Chena Lake, North Pole Alaska near the river. This location has some amazing scenery for a photographer and for two newly engaged lovers wanting to share their engagement with the world.
Photographing engagements in winter definitely come with its challenges but Amanda and I thoroughly enjoyed spending this time together also. Not only were we able to attend to our more romantic side by helping this young couple capture a very romantic moment but time spent with each other is always is reward.

This adorable couple are incredibly sweet gentle people and we just loved spending time with them. Capturing a young couples love in the very cold winter of Alaska is so much fun and I look back at these and can clearly see the love between them and am so excited for their future together.

Engagement announcements are a wonderful way to share your exciting news with family and friends. Have you considered how you’d like to share your news? Have you considered how you’ll propose? A great idea is a night away at some of the great cabins in our area. Check out Moose Walk Cabin right here in North Pole. Not only is this an idyllic cabin for all things Alaskan, but a great location for a romantic shoot! Picture yourself on bended knee, under the Aurora asking the one that takes your breath away to be yours….

Give Amanda or I a call and let’s talk about how we can capture this beautiful moment for you in a breathtaking scene.

Engagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGE Engagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGE

Engagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGEEngagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGE Engagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGE


Engagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGEEngagament in Winter Sean Kurdziolek ShootPINIMAGE Fairbanks Engagement Photography in WinterPINIMAGE


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Aurora Portrait Photographer | Fairbanks Alaska | We’ve Started to Blog!

Welcome to our very first Aurora Photography blog!

Hey everyone, Amanda here!  Sean and I are so excited to start a blog that is centered around our Fairbanks, Alaska Aurora Portrait photography and our partnerships and relationships with other Fairbanks, Alaska businesses.  

If you haven’t noticed, Sean and I are pretty quiet and introverted people but when it comes to photography and all things related, we can talk your ear off! So here goes.

What are we doing these days? It’s a common question we get asked as we are living in one of the coldest climates on earth (North Pole, Alaska) and far from family and a lot of our friends. Sean, myself and our children moved up here February of 2014 and fell in love with Alaska. We had planned to continue on in the Air Force for as long as they would allow us to as we had never found our forever state. But Alaska, ah you have so much to offer. You see we are mountain people, we are winter people so this climate and this landscape soothes our souls!

And let us not forgot to mention the Aurora, the Northern Lights as some call her. Oh, have you seen her? Isn’t she splendorous? Isn’t she mesmerizing? Isn’t she awe-inspiring? We’re also God loving people so when the Aurora shows up we see God. We see something beyond ourselves and we want to capture that and share it! And it’s only gotten better since Sean has discovered through many many nights of Aurora hunting that he can capture people under the Aurora. It is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and our clients have come away with some amazing large
wall art heirlooms!

Join us in enjoying the amazing beauty of the Aurora Borealis and all Alaska has to offer.

Over Fairbanks Sean KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Ester Dome, Fairbanks, AK
December 2015

Fairbanks Alaska sunset photographerPINIMAGE

Mullins Pit, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
August, 2014

Fairbanks Alaska landscape photographer Fairbanks, Alaska HighwayPINIMAGE

Alaska Highway near Delta Junction, AK
Spring 2014

Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Borealis photography Grayling Lake, Eielson Air Force Base, AK Fall 2014 PINIMAGE

Grayling Lake near Eielson Air Force Base, AK
Fall 2014

Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Borealis photographyPINIMAGE

Moose Walk Cabin, North Pole, AK
Fall 2015

Aurora Landscape Wall ArtPINIMAGE

Alaska Pipeline, Fairbanks, AK

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