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  • Sean and Amanda were an amazing couple to work with! Our vision kept changing due to weather and other hang ups, however they remained flexible up to the time of our shoot. The wealth of knowledge coupled with the years of photography experience made it worth while to attend the
    Aurora photography class and have our pregnancy announcement captured. - A. Nisbett, Eielson AFB, Alaska

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Northern Lights Photography | Fairbanks | Byrem Family


Meghan is a good friend of mine (Amanda). She is an incredibly kind and loving woman. I absolutely look up to her so when she said she wanted to capture our experience for her family under the northern lights, I jumped for joy! I was so excited for her and her boys! Blair is a very busy man who loves the outdoors and I know he was just as excited as Meghan was.

Here’s what Meghan had to say after her experience with us at Sean Kurdziolek Photography:

I wouldn’t say Fairbanks was on my bucket list of places to visit, but military life has a way of taking you to places you never expected to go.  We have really enjoyed the area and the opportunity to  explore the great frontier.  We always joke that Fairbanks has everything you need but nothing you want.  As we have settled into the area, we have found that our needs and wants are met abundantly.  We have a freezer full of meat and fish, we have been to the wild places, experienced -50 degree temps and monster snowflakes, the reason for blackout curtains, and so much more.
The aurora is one of the things that we have been fortunate enough to experience. She is never the same, always changing and beautiful.  She is nature’s light show and an incredible experience when she is out dancing in the heavens.  To have a family portrait under this natural phenomenon captures this time in our life and the beauty of the environment. We try to take family portraits every year.  I like to take pictures that capture the uniqueness of the places we live and the stage of life we are as a family, and our Aurora Portrait session did just that. 
The first session unfortunately was not successful.  The Aurora was out on the way to the photo shoot, but didn’t show back up the rest of the night.  Which was disappointing, but what can one do?  Then it was cloudy for the next couple of weeks.  The day we captured our photos, the weather forecast was bleak and the aurora forecast was high.  We were not sure we would see her, but according to the weather forecast we had about a two hour window in which the clouds would break.  We talked with Sean and took a chance.  Sure enough the clouds started to dissipate.  In our earlier photos you can see some of the clouds.  Then before long they were gone and Lady Aurora gave us a beautiful show.  We were thrilled.   
The most stressful part was coordinating winter gear to ensure the children are warm and safe while out in the cold without clashing with one another.  The other part is scheduling a date and praying that the Aurora is out.  It’s brutal with a four year old and one year old sleeping in a vehicle.  We all understand the importance of schedules and sleep for everyone.  I knew that going into this session we would sacrifice quality sleep and be off-schedule for a few days.  Flexibility and a realistic mindset is a must to capture photos under the aurora.  It was well worth the sacrifice.  A few days recovery is minor in the scheme of things.  When I see our portraits in our home I am transported back to that night and the magic of the aurora.    
We enjoyed working with Sean and appreciate the knowledge he has accumulated over the years.  He knows his equipment and the environment.  He has spent the time and education it takes to be a subject expert.  He strives for excellence in his work and I value that as a client.  If you are looking for something unique and of high quality, then consider Sean.  Lots of people can take good snapshots, but Sean knows his equipment and can assess the environment to capture a beautiful photograph.  We are extremely pleased with our portraits.    


Northern Lights Photography PortraitsPINIMAGE

Byrem Family Aurora Photos

Northern Lights Photography PortraitsPINIMAGE

Byrem Family Portraits

Northern Lights Photography PortraitsPINIMAGE

Byrem Family Photos Under the Aurora

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Aurora Photographer|A Christmas Gift |Hayes Family

“The BIG Fish Story”

The Hayes family wanted to gift their father in law a very unique Christmas gift while we was here visiting. Read what they had to say about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

“What an amazing experience!  Getting our family portrait under the beautiful Northern Lights. We have wanted to come to Alaska for many years and when we finally got a chance to move up here, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Personally, I couldn’t wait to see with my own eyes the Aurora Borealis along with the wilderness that is the Last Frontier!

Our session with Sean Kurdziolek Photography started out by going to the Kurdziolek’s house and getting stocked up on coffee and goodies.  Our first night out was cloudy, but they were supposed to clear up so we drove out to a lake about 45 mins away.  Then we waited; excitement mounted when we saw the clouds start to slowly burn off around 1 am.  But by 2 am they moved back and we were all tired and wanted to be in a bed sleeping.  So we’d just have to try again.  I loved the experience and perspective, even the missed opportunity of the first night.  Such a good reminder that we do not control nature.  We can have our plans, ideas, predictions and still not be in control.  I was reminded we are blessed when we get to see the Lights and every night is different.
The next time we went out, we stuck to a close tried and true place down the road from the Kurdziolek’s.  Still partly cloudy, but the Aurora clearly visible ebbing and flowing on the horizon, moving closer and closer to us.  Though the Aurora still has a significant prominence in our picture, you wouldn’t have guessed this show was the most incredible experience and viewing we’ve had in our time in Alaska!  This night, the Aurora was out in multiple colors and literally directly above our heads!  The other thing about not being able to control nature is how quickly things change.  The lights we saw that night were stunning to our family and as quickly as they came they were gone again!  After Sean got some great shots, the Lights started to dance across the sky once again.  This time we could probably catch them in our portrait… However, people too are a bit like nature and uncontrollable, especially when they are little.  The kids didn’t fall asleep with the close proximity of our shooting location.  It was well over midnight and it was I don’t know, maybe -10 or -15 out? somewhere in there!  So we just enjoyed what we got to experience, even if it will probably sound like I’m telling a “BIG fish” story!
Thank you so much for opening your home and sharing your talent!  For us, this photo captures the incredible journey we have been on as a couple who left home and became adults, became one, living like nomads, enjoying what each new place brings, and growing as a family in numbers and love!  We could not have captured it without you”. – Angie Hayes.
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Romantic Aurora Portraits | Sean Kurdziolek Photography | Sanchez Family


Amanda and Manny Sanchez were a lot of fun to work with. They had a vision right from the start of what they wanted and we were very open to their ideas and suggestions. We also learned what a classic “Cowboy Kiss” is. For those like us who didn’t know, it’s when a cowboy tilts his hat to hide the kiss. It is considered a gentlemanly thing to do in the south. We like it! We like gentlemen! Hah!

We asked Amanda and Manny why they choose to update their pictures and they replied that they do not have very many photos of just themselves so they decided to take some romantic pictures under the Aurora. Amanda always loved watching the Aurora so when she found that she could have Aurora portraits she was ecstatic. I asked Amanda what her favorite moments from the session were and she said “Every moment…just knowing that we would have these photos…with the aurora, means everything to me”. One thing she does recommend is to dress warmly. Hah. Yes, that is a must.

The Sanchez’s wanted large prints to hang above their bed. This is a very common practice these days. To hang a more intimate picture over your bed. Only you see it or those who you feel most comfortable with. The Cowboy Kiss is the right amount of intimacy and class and one that will forever remind them of their adventures in Fairbanks, Alaska and the love they share.

Sanchez Sean Kurdziolek Photography Romantic AuroraPINIMAGESanchez Sean Kurdziolek Photography Romantic AuroraPINIMAGESanchez Sean Kurdziolek Photography Romantic AuroraPINIMAGE

Sean was very professional and fun to work with. I adore our finished projects! – Amanda Sanchez


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and what a unique gift to give you and your spouse. Let us help create this beautiful and loving image for above your bed. Our spots for this is limited.

We love meeting new couples and finding out their love story. Call us today and tell us how we can make a special moment for you to cherish until death do you part. CONTACT

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Fairbanks Family Photographer |Alaska | The VonSchimpf Family

The VonSchimpf family have been friends of ours since we were stationed in Italy together seven years ago. We are now blessed to be able to have them close by again. Dan and Ashley have FOUR vivacious boys who are full of life! Ashley is a stay at home mom who works her tail off creating a loving home environment for all the men in her life…and she does it with a smile.  Dan is a dental assistant who is stickler for all things teeth…rightly so. The boys are good friends of our own children and have spent many days playing till their hearts content. It’s always a battle at the end of a play date to separate them all, but this is a good thing.

When they asked us to capture their family images for them we were thrilled. Dan had a very specific look in mind. He wanted fall leaves and the ambiance of the soft autumn glow. Fall in the interior of Alaska is very short. We’re talking two weeks short. Timing of our photography sessions is crucial and the VonSchimpfs were very patient and flexible. The result was a beautiful sunset shoot under an Alaskan birch forest.

Posing four boys is never easy. Asking boys to sit still is never easy and for this shoot we embraced that. Together we decided to capture the boys as they are: vivacious, energetic and full of laughter. Baby Luke was the easiest to pose and the happiest. Sean and I look back at this shoot and remember how much fun it was. It wasn’t about getting the perfect posed shot, it was simply about capturing a family as they are…full of life and laughter. These are the images that will always bring back a heart felt emotion and the remembrance of how they once were.
Von Schimpf-21PINIMAGE

Von Schimpf-18PINIMAGEVon Schimpf-8PINIMAGE Fairbanks Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

Von Schimpf-4PINIMAGE


Fairbanks Family Photographer Sean KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Sean Kurdziolek is a one of a kind photographer. He is creative, talented, and professional. Sean did a newborn and family shoot for us. These pictures are absolutely stunning. They truly capture the beauty and personality of our family. His Aurora shoots speak for themselves. Being able to capture those amazing shots is not an easy task but his photos make it look effortless. His wonderful wife Amanda makes the entire process run smoothly from beginning to end. I highly recommend hiring this awesome team and can guarantee you will be impressed. - Ashley V. North Pole, Alaska

Family sessions in the fall are limited. To schedule your session now follow the link: Contact

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Fairbanks Alaska | Family Winter Photography | The Stitt Family


Family winter photography has generally been unpopular, unless you live in the Alaskan Interior where winter resides for a large part of the year. Families brave the cold and the deep snow to capture their images. The Stitt family are headed to the lower 48 this summer and we were so fortunate to capture a family winter themed shoot for them.

Lucky it wasn’t too cold when we went out, only high 20’s. You’ll notice the lack of heavy winter gear here. The Stitt’s chose their wardrobe wisely using layers for warmth, cute matching colors in vests and scarves and a pea coat that provided a slim look while keeping Mom warm. This is a great example of capturing a family winter portrait at the end of winter, when the temperatures are a little more bearable, the snow still plentiful and the sunset at a reasonable hour. 

The beauty about this shoot was the time of day we shot it. It was the golden hour, right before sunset on Eielson Air Force Base.  At this time the colors in the sky are breathtaking and create beautiful family heirlooms. 

Sunset sessions are a huge part of what we love about living here. They capture the beauty of the Alaskan landscape while cherishing a family’s memory. We would love to combine this experience for you. If you are vacationing here, this is an even better opportunity for you to showcase to loved ones back home your adventures here in the Tundra. Check out here for more details on how to book your own family sunset session.

We will miss this little family and their fun loving, energetic nature as they head way down south for their next adventure!  Best wishes on your journey Stitts!

Stitt Family Sunset Session PINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session with Sean KurdziolekPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session with DaughterPINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session Oldest daughter PINIMAGE

Stitt Family Sunset Session  GirlsPINIMAGE

Family Winter PhotographyPINIMAGE

Book your own Sunset Shoot by calling 253-254-3271 or following this link: Contact

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