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  • Sean and Amanda were an amazing couple to work with! Our vision kept changing due to weather and other hang ups, however they remained flexible up to the time of our shoot. The wealth of knowledge coupled with the years of photography experience made it worth while to attend the
    Aurora photography class and have our pregnancy announcement captured. - A. Nisbett, Eielson AFB, Alaska

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The Real Deal. It’s Not “Photo-shopped”!

The real deal. It’s no trickery I tell you. I look at these images and they take my breath away. I can understand why we have had people approach us and say “Is that photo-shopped?”, “Do you have a backdrop?”…. When I see how incredible images like this come out, I too am blown away and in disbelief. But I remember that I was there with snow pants, Colombia jacket, gloves and all, waiting in the beautiful Alaskan darkness for beauty to show.

This portrait is of a sweet Eielson Air Force family who had seen their neighbors beautiful portraits that we had commissioned a year earlier and they wanted one for themselves too.

It was a full moon on a cold February night. The conditions were just right. As I watched the Aurora forecasts, so generously provided by Solar Ham, I knew it was going to be a good one….a GREAT one. The real deal!  And then it didn’t show! Bummer. What happened? The BZ went south, meaning the Aurora wasn’t going to be visible.

This can be challenging for our clients, especially when there are little kids involved. So after about 2 am with very tired little ones we decided to call it a night. We rescheduled to try again. This time hitting the jackpot. As you can see below what we captured is just breathtaking. This family now has a 20 x 30 metal portrait hanging on their wall, complementing 11 x 14 prints, numerous prints to hand out to family and so much more. This is just one of the great things about our services, we take care of all of the printing so you don’t have to. We ensure that the printing quality is to the highest standard and guarantee our products.

Real Deal Family under the Northern Lights Portraits Fairbanks AlaskaPINIMAGE

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God’s Greatness! 


Matt and Jessica came into our lives when Jessica started attending our bible study that we host. They marveled at the Aurora pictures on our walls and wanted this for themselves. We were ecstatic to be able to capture this amazing and wonderful event for them. We love seeing God’s greatness in the Aurora and are always blown away at how it moves and dances. Jessica and Matt feel the same way too. In fact a lot of people see God when they see the Aurora.

We took Matt, Jessica and their adorable Australian Shepherd, Millie down near Eielson Air Force Base, just a few miles south of North Pole, Alaska. There are some beautiful lakes down there that freeze during winter. The ice is so thick you can drive on it, and many people do.

Here is what Matt and Jessica had to say about their experience:

We live in North Pole, Alaska because of the Air Force. We were hesitant being so far away at first, but experiencing the nature here and especially the northern lights have made it a wonderful adventure.   Seeing and especially living in an area where the northern lights are a staple is something that most people only dream about and we wanted pictures to remember our time in Alaska and how special living here is.  Being able to watch the aurora dance above our heads while the portraits were being taken was amazing. The aurora leaves me mystified and in awe of God’s greatness!
We just love our wall art! It adds something really unique and special to our home. We were most excited about the metallic print because it makes the aurora look as vibrant and alive as it is in real life.

Matt and Jessica’s portraits were captured in early Fall before we got a lot of snow. I know for those who don’t live in the area are probably thinking “Wow, that’s a lot of snow I see in those portraits”, but that winter we ended up with 78.4 inches, an above average year. The snow is magnificent here. When the sun is out it shines and it looks as if there are diamonds everywhere.

Come and see for yourself.





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Memories with Mom

A Girls Adventure in North Pole, Alaska

It was a girls trip! A girls adventure to Fairbanks, Alaska! Mom had a little work to do in the area so she decided to bring her girls along for some sightseeing and an adventure. What a great way to make some family memories than a trip to Fairbanks Alaska.

The Schirmer girls called us last minute at the end of the 2015-2016 season in mid April. We had stopped taking bookings and were winding down from a busy season when we got a call from Jackie who was trying to find something for her and her beautiful girls to do with the short time they had in the Fairbanks area.

As luck would have it, a look at the data from the satellites and the local weather report said we were in for a partly cloudy night with the likelihood of a huge Aurora storm. What luck!

Breakup was upon us, the snow was disappearing fast with the approach of spring and we had officially lost complete darkness. The Schirmer girls were excited and came over for a chat.  They didn’t quite have the right layers to wear but fortunately our days of below freezing were behind us and their jeans and jackets were suffice.

The Chena River was to be the backdrop with its fading snow and the flowing water no longer frozen. We had hoped the Aurora would reflect upon its breast and it did not disappoint us. We saw brilliant dancing greens this night that made for an amazing scene with the sun still in the distance making its last salute for the night.

What memories will you make with your daughters, Mom? One that can be displayed as beautiful wall art for decades to come? One that will last long past your presence here?

CALL US TODAY to capture this for you and your daughters. 

Aurora Portrait Chena Lakes Fairbanks Alaska Sean Kurdziolek PhotographyPINIMAGE

A Girls Adventure Northern Lights Portrait photographer - Fairbanks AlaskaPINIMAGE

A Girls Adventure Northern Lights Portrait photographer - Fairbanks AlaskaPINIMAGE




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Northern Lights Adventurers

Brian and Sandra are two of the most caring people we have ever met. And we should know, they watch our children every day. Our son and daughter adore them! So we were ecstatic that they wanted to have their own Northern Lights Adventurers Portrait created by us.

We invited them over for coffee and designed a special and unique portrait. We learned that they are not only caring people, they are also very adventurous. So needless to say we had a lot of fun creating this very unique experience.

It was September, the leaves we peaking and the nights were getting darker and colder. We were experiencing our first nights of the Northern Lights being visible. Combining our creative juices led us to a night on the lake under the Aurora.  Kayaking on a lake in the dark certainly had its challenges for Brian, Sandra and myself. Staying still was one of them. Navigating a lake on a dark moonless night was another. In fact, to date, it was one of my most challenging sessions. Waders were needed and a lot of patience and skill.

We asked Sandra about her experience. Here is what she had to say:

Being stationed in Alaska has provided us with so many once in a lifetime opportunities and we wanted to take advantage of the beauty this state has to offer! 

Kayaking when it is below freezing is pretty insane! However, this speaks to the adventurers we are. Brian and I like to try new things, push the envelope, and make memories! We appreciated Sean going along with what we wanted and making it so memorable! The Aurora is beautiful, unique, and breathtaking and now when we move we have something to always remind us of our time in Alaska.  We feel lucky to be able to experience the Northern Lights and we love sharing our experience with our friends and family!

We absolutely love our wall art! Every time I look at the portrait I smile! My mother in law and my grandfather both squealed when they got their copy for Christmas! They show everyone that comes over to visit. 

This experience has left me feeling very blessed. I was able to stop and take in the beauty. It reminded me of how lucky I am to live this life and how beautiful the world is! 

Sean is fun, easy, and professional! He worked really hard to capture these memories for us and we are very thankful.  If you want to have this for yourself I recommend you think outside of the box! Be bold and do something fun…Sean will make it work! 

Northern Lights Adventurers photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Aurora Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base AlaskaPINIMAGE

Aurora Portrait photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Northern Lights Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base AlaskaPINIMAGE

Aurora Portrait photography Kayak Lake Couple Engagement Northern Lights Fairbanks Eielson Air Force Base AlaskaPINIMAGE


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A Wanderlust Portrait

This young woman is a wanderer. That is, she is seeing the world with her own two eyes. She is brave, adventurous and free.

Our youth is such an opportunity. If we are brave enough, if we are open-minded enough, the world can show us so much more than we could ever have imagined. Wanderlust. It means a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Sarinya has wanderlust. She called us up on a whim as she decided last minute to visit Fairbanks Alaska. She found us online and decided she wanted to gift her parents a portrait of her enjoying all that the world had to offer. So here she is near Birch Lake, just south of North Pole witnessing a spectacular Aurora show. The clouds drifted slowly across the sky parting ways to show off the Lady Aurora’s dance.

Sarinya’s adventures remind us of our times before we had children and we had the luxury of time. We too traveled the world and saw amazing places and learned how other people live. Travel is something we should all do. Exploration enlightens us, challenges us, molds our character and gives us perspective. Traveling changes us.

Sarinya, may your days of wandering never end. Enjoy these portraits and remember the moments you witnessed in the beautiful Interior Alaska!!! Best wishes for your future adventures.


Wanderlust Aurora PortraitPINIMAGEWanderlust Aurora PortraitPINIMAGEWanderlust Aurora PortraitPINIMAGE

Check out this Behind the Scene shot. This is me in action. I set up an outdoor studio for every shoot using state of the art equipment.
Wanderlust Aurora PortraitPINIMAGE

Aurora season is over until September but we are taking a select few clients on for Alaska Landscape Portraits.

Call us today if you are interested in one of the few remaining spots in July. 253-254-3271
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