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A Wanderlust Portrait

This young woman is a wanderer. That is, she is seeing the world with her own two eyes. She is brave, adventurous and free.

Our youth is such an opportunity. If we are brave enough, if we are open-minded enough, the world can show us so much more than we could ever have imagined. Wanderlust. It means a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Sarinya has wanderlust. She called us up on a whim as she decided last minute to visit Fairbanks Alaska. She found us online and decided she wanted to gift her parents a portrait of her enjoying all that the world had to offer. So here she is near Birch Lake, just south of North Pole witnessing a spectacular Aurora show. The clouds drifted slowly across the sky parting ways to show off the Lady Aurora’s dance.

Sarinya’s adventures remind us of our times before we had children and we had the luxury of time. We too traveled the world and saw amazing places and learned how other people live. Travel is something we should all do. Exploration enlightens us, challenges us, molds our character and gives us perspective. Traveling changes us.

Sarinya, may your days of wandering never end. Enjoy these portraits and remember the moments you witnessed in the beautiful Interior Alaska!!! Best wishes for your future adventures.


Wanderlust Aurora PortraitWanderlust Aurora PortraitWanderlust Aurora Portrait

Check out this Behind the Scene shot. This is me in action. I set up an outdoor studio for every shoot using state of the art equipment.
Wanderlust Aurora Portrait

Aurora season is over until September but we are taking a select few clients on for Alaska Landscape Portraits.

Call us today if you are interested in one of the few remaining spots in July. 253-254-3271
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