Aurora Portraits in the Fall by Sean Kurdziolek Portraits and Gallery

Aurora Portraits in the Fall

by Sean Kurdziolek Portraits and Gallery


Our Aurora season starts late August up here in North Pole, Alaska. Which to us here, in the sub-arctic, is Fall. Aurora Portraits in the Fall are one of our favorites to capture. Why? Because of three main reasons: 1. It’s not so cold yet (well not -40º cold) 2. The colors on the trees can make for some spectacular photographs and 3. Open water. The lakes and rivers haven’t frozen yet so our aurora portraits in the fall have am amazing reflection on the water creating a breathtaking experience and image that our clients fall in love with.
The Schwartz family are leaving the area and are off to a warmer climate in Washington. They wanted to capture themselves under the Aurora with us to commemorate their time here in Alaska. The aurora or northern lights are something that many military families, like the Schwartz family, enjoy the most about their time up here. It’s a natural phenomenon that is beautiful and never the same. It’s unpredictable at times and we never really know what we are going to get.
As you can see in Jessica and Patrick’s images they are marveling at the show above them with their little girl. What an amazing and precious experience. And well little Adelaide may not remember this night exactly but she will have on her family’s wall a gorgeous heirloom canvas reminding her of it and that she too spent time in Alaska.
Printing your family photos says a lot to children. It tells them they are loved, they are part of something. It tells them they are so precious their parents want to celebrate them on their walls and remember who they were and who they are. Printing this large portrait will be a treasure for Adelaide for scores to come….and then her children will get to enjoy it too.

Aurora Portraits in the FallAurora Portraits in the FallAurora Portraits in the Fall


Our season for 2018-2019 is already booking up. If you’d like a “warmer” Aurora Portrait call us today to schedule your design consultation.

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