Aurora Portrait Photographer | Fairbanks Alaska | We Started to Blog!

Aurora Portrait Photographer | Fairbanks Alaska | We’ve Started to Blog!

Welcome to our very first Aurora Photography blog!

Hey everyone, Amanda here!  Sean and I are so excited to start a blog that is centered around our Fairbanks, Alaska Aurora Portrait photography and our partnerships and relationships with other Fairbanks, Alaska businesses.  

If you haven’t noticed, Sean and I are pretty quiet and introverted people but when it comes to photography and all things related, we can talk your ear off! So here goes.

What are we doing these days? It’s a common question we get asked as we are living in one of the coldest climates on earth (North Pole, Alaska) and far from family and a lot of our friends. Sean, myself and our children moved up here February of 2014 and fell in love with Alaska. We had planned to continue on in the Air Force for as long as they would allow us to as we had never found our forever state. But Alaska, ah you have so much to offer. You see we are mountain people, we are winter people so this climate and this landscape soothes our souls!

And let us not forgot to mention the Aurora, the Northern Lights as some call her. Oh, have you seen her? Isn’t she splendorous? Isn’t she mesmerizing? Isn’t she awe-inspiring? We’re also God loving people so when the Aurora shows up we see God. We see something beyond ourselves and we want to capture that and share it! And it’s only gotten better since Sean has discovered through many many nights of Aurora hunting that he can capture people under the Aurora. It is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and our clients have come away with some amazing large
wall art heirlooms!

Join us in enjoying the amazing beauty of the Aurora Borealis and all Alaska has to offer.

Over Fairbanks Sean Kurdziolek

Ester Dome, Fairbanks, AK
December 2015

Fairbanks Alaska sunset photographer

Mullins Pit, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
August, 2014

Fairbanks Alaska landscape photographer Fairbanks, Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway near Delta Junction, AK
Spring 2014

Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Borealis photography Grayling Lake, Eielson Air Force Base, AK Fall 2014

Grayling Lake near Eielson Air Force Base, AK
Fall 2014

Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Borealis photography

Moose Walk Cabin, North Pole, AK
Fall 2015

Aurora Landscape Wall Art

Alaska Pipeline, Fairbanks, AK

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Living the life with my wife and children in North Pole, Alaska. Getting out in the Alaskan wilderness and being with God is my favorite past time. Capturing heirloom portraits for clients is my passion. 

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