Aurora Photographer|A Christmas Gift |Hayes Family

Aurora Photographer|A Christmas Gift |Hayes Family

The Hayes family wanted to gift their father in law a very unique Christmas gift while we was here visiting. Read what they had to say about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

“The BIG Fish Story”

“What an amazing experience!  Getting our family portrait under the beautiful Northern Lights. We have wanted to come to Alaska for many years and when we finally got a chance to move up here, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Personally, I couldn’t wait to see with my own eyes the Aurora Borealis along with the wilderness that is the Last Frontier!

Our session with Sean Kurdziolek Photography started out by going to the Kurdziolek’s house and getting stocked up on coffee and goodies.  Our first night out was cloudy, but they were supposed to clear up so we drove out to a lake about 45 mins away.  Then we waited; excitement mounted when we saw the clouds start to slowly burn off around 1 am.  But by 2 am they moved back and we were all tired and wanted to be in a bed sleeping.  So we’d just have to try again.  I loved the experience and perspective, even the missed opportunity of the first night.  Such a good reminder that we do not control nature.  We can have our plans, ideas, predictions and still not be in control.  I was reminded we are blessed when we get to see the Lights and every night is different.
The next time we went out, we stuck to a close tried and true place down the road from the Kurdziolek’s.  Still partly cloudy, but the Aurora clearly visible ebbing and flowing on the horizon, moving closer and closer to us.  Though the Aurora still has a significant prominence in our picture, you wouldn’t have guessed this show was the most incredible experience and viewing we’ve had in our time in Alaska!  This night, the Aurora was out in multiple colors and literally directly above our heads!  The other thing about not being able to control nature is how quickly things change.  The lights we saw that night were stunning to our family and as quickly as they came they were gone again!  After Sean got some great shots, the Lights started to dance across the sky once again.  This time we could probably catch them in our portrait… However, people too are a bit like nature and uncontrollable, especially when they are little.  The kids didn’t fall asleep with the close proximity of our shooting location.  It was well over midnight and it was I don’t know, maybe -10 or -15 out? somewhere in there!  So we just enjoyed what we got to experience, even if it will probably sound like I’m telling a “BIG fish” story!
Thank you so much for opening your home and sharing your talent!  For us, this photo captures the incredible journey we have been on as a couple who left home and became adults, became one, living like nomads, enjoying what each new place brings, and growing as a family in numbers and love!  We could not have captured it without you”. – Angie Hayes.
 Hayes Family Aurora Photos
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